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National Forum on Mobilising Resources for Effective Support to Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

On February 9, 2024, with financial support from USAID’s Ukuk Bulagi Project, the Social Technology Agency hosted a National Forum on Resource Mobilization for Effective Assistance to Survivors of Gender-Based Violence.

Panel Session on Collaborative Efforts and Resource Mobilization for Security and Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

The Forum became a dialogue platform for discussing joint practices and efforts in mobilizing resources to ensure safety and assistance to survivors of gender-based violence, as well as for organizations providing services to survivors. The Forum included speeches by JKR deputies Ashimova Dinara Ashimovna, Surabaldieva Elvira Jyrgalbekovna, USAID Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Coordinator Jamil Bigio, Deputy Minister of Labor, Social Security and Migration of the Kyrgyz Republic Alybaeva Janyl Ishenbekovna.

Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Security and Migration Janyl Alybaeva and deputy of JK KR Dinara Ashimova
Deputy of JK KR Elvira Surabaldieva and Director of PA ACT Zulfiya Kochorbaeva

Gender-based violence remains a serious problem and joint efforts are needed to address it.
The Forum provided a platform for the exchange of information and ideas, focusing not only on the problem itself, but also on how we can act together to overcome it. Special attention was given to raising public awareness of gender-based violence through increased outreach and improved media coverage.

Dina Maslova, editor-in-chief of Kaktus media, spoke about effective communications in covering cases of violence

Practical sessions were held to discuss ways to improve communication and create sustainable networking models for media and non-governmental organisations. Participants gained not only new knowledge, but also important skills in media relations that will help to increase coverage of gender-based violence.

Director of CC “Sezim” Bubusara Ryskulova

The Forum signalled co-operation, innovation and positive change. Participants were inspired to build partnerships between government institutions, civil society organisations and the media. We see that joint efforts are key to creating a safer and more just society in Kyrgyzstan.