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Political participation of women
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Alliance for Women’s Legislative Initiatives

Project description

The Alliance is an association of legal entities and individuals engaged in activities in the field of empowerment and improvement of the status of women in Kyrgyzstan, promoting their full participation in public and political life. AZhZI operates without forming a legal entity.
Principles of interaction between members of the Alliance

Commitment to gender equality
Voluntary participation
Consistency of positions and actions
The principle of democracy
Mutual respect
Independence and not under the control of parties, authorities in setting goals, making decisions and actions

Primary goal

"Strengthening the political voice and influence of women through lobbying for gender-oriented legislative initiatives and monitoring the implementation of gender policies"

The main activities of the project
  1. Determine the strategy of the Alliance and priority areas of legislative initiatives to ensure equal rights and opportunities for men and women.

  2. Contribute to the formation of public opinion in favor of the policy of gender equality;

  3. Participate in the implementation of gender expertise in the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

  4. Participate in evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of regulatory legal acts in this area and identifying problems that require legislative solutions;

  5. Development of sectoral policies and strategies on gender equality and their lobbying.

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