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In 2021, the UN agencies in Kyrgyzstan continued to work together demonstrating significant flexibility to emerging needs of country development priorities including response to COVID-19 pandemic, joint support to Batken Oblast in response to multiple crises and legal inventory and review process, among others. In response to National Development Strategy 2026, which reflects the country’s aspirations for the SDGs, UN agencies offered their support to the Government, effectively leveraging its comparative advantages as an impartial provider of policy advice based on international experience and good practices to provide high-quality technical expertise in specific areas discussed in the succeeding pages.

During 2021, the UN focused its efforts to increase livelihoods, support the labor market and strengthen economic opportunities and diversification, including through capacity building, access to decent work and economic strategies. The UN continued working with the government, civil society and the private sector to develop recovery plans that embraced renewable energy, sustainable business and nature based jobs and livelihoods. Integrated support to leverage business potential in green economy, agriculture, education, food processing, textiles and trade sectors helped created additional jobs, including for women.

The UN expanded its program portfolio by including emergency food assistance and cash-based transfers to extend support to poor rural and urban populations severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis.